Pioneers in the production of sparkling wine in Castilla la Mancha since 1987. The 100% of its activity is oriented to the elaboration under the Traditional Method of fermentation in the bottle. Our Cuevas offer a great symphony of flavors: well-structured, fine pastries, fruity touches and a great balance between the carbonic and acidity. Choose a time of day, take at easy and enjoy them.

We elaborate our sparkling wine with of intense aroma and freshness, which together with its aging in our cuevas, give to our sparkling, the perfect bubble for wrap in multiple sensations that attest to our quality from the source.


It is the world’s largest organic winery, in terms of production and sales itself, controlling more than 1,800 hectares. Bio certified. Committed to the environment and the quality of its products, all its wines and cuevas are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Certified quality regulations International Food Standard (IFS) since 2011.

Family winery dedicated to producing wines, aging and bottling of wines. Passion, enthusiasm and love make our wines are unique and famous all over the world.

Family winery processors for excellence with strong personality wines.