Conoce Villanueva de Alcardete

Facts and figures of the importance of wine in Villanueva de Alcardete.

Villanueva de Alcardete is a village that lives of wine. With a municipal area of 147 km2 and a population of approximately 3,500 inhabitants, the cultivation of the vine represents the main economic activity that sustains more than 90% of its inhabitants.

Keeping our wine heritage, Villanueva de Alcardete is the largest producer of organic wines “without any kind of marinade”.


From the twelfth century, the Alcardeteños ancestors made wine in the caves of their homes for their own consumption and payment of tithes to the soldier monks of the Order of Santiago. Our Villa belonged to the Priory of Uclés, in the territory called The Common of La Mancha.

In the sixteenth century, the Alcardeteños white wines were acquired by publicans from Madrid that already knew Villanueva de Alcardete as “the village of good wine.” Respectable wine legacy remains and actually increases, when Villanueva de Alcardete is the world’s leading producer of organic wines ( “without any kind of marinade”)

It was said of our products to Felipe II:

“Bread, wine and cattle are the best of the Kingdom, especially white wine reputed to be done without any kind of marinade”

Villanueva de Alcardete becomes the largest producer in the Autonomy of Castilla la Mancha of Sparkling Wine by the traditional method (second fermentation in the bottle) called in this village as “Cueva” since 1987

Climatology and soil

The natural setting provides the ideal conditions for growing grapes. Our vineyards are located more than 780 meters. We enjoyed a Mediterranean climate, where the contrast between the arid and dry summers and rigor of the winter months, adequate rainfall and brown-coppery on limestone stony soil, define the personality of our vineyards allowing to create wines of exceptional quality.