Ideal temperature

The right temperature to enjoy a glass of Cueva is very important, serving sparkling wine too cold, makes fragrances not express 100%. That is why proper serving temperature should be between 6º and 8º, being young and light which will be served colder.

From Cueva recommend that the means for cooling a bottle of Cueva either the refrigerator or for about 30 minutes in a bucket with water and ice. We always try to avoid using the freezer as the sudden temperature changes could hurt the virtues of such care product.


The Cueva should be served in glasses called “Flute”. These glasses are recognized because are tall, thin, conical at the top bottom, thus we can see the course of the bubble from the bottom of the glass to make that magnificent crown. It also makes the wine does not lose its effervescence and the flavors settle.


The first is to remove the cork, for that we turn the bottle gently, never the cork, this way is easier because it allows pry the cork. The cork should rise gradually due to the pressure inside.

If we open the bottle Cueva with a resounding “PUM”, it is because we have let carbonic dioxide out quickly, causing pour out the wine. We also observe that there a lot of foam, bubbles are larger and lasting less in the glass.

Therefore, the recommendation from Cueva of do it is making a gentle uncorking, controlling the release of carbonic dioxide causing not revolutionize and follow integrated into the wine to keep that fine and persistent bubbles. Uncorking a sparkling wine or a Cueva, it must be accompanied by a slight hiss “shh” considered really stylish.

At the time of the service, keep the bottle of Cueva slightly inclined so gently slide the wine by the glass wall, never fill more than 2/3 of its capacity in order to maintain the optimum temperature of sparkling wine without allowing it to heat up.

Wine Pairing:

The Cueva, it is a wine that can accompany all dishes of a meal, whether for a cocktail or snack, as for a traditional or fusion cuisine, ideal accompaniment to the range Cave so wide that you can find on the market.

For example, for a cocktail or snack, ideally is a Rosado Cueva to enjoy a drink at the right temperature with canapés, ham, cheese or oysters.

Focusing on a meal entrees, such as seafood, fish or rice should choose a Brut Cueva, looking for that fruity touch attached to stimulating and fresh acidity.

Strong stews such as tripe, Madrid stew, or all meats, roasts etc. What really asking is a Cueva Brut Nature Reserve or Gran Reserve, a sparkling wine with more body and width consistent accompanying these dishes, without losing its own personality.

Finally the Cueva Semidry or sweets have to go paired with pastries, since they are the ideal complement to desserts uniting freshness and softness.